What is the American Water Spaniel Price? [Answered]

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The American Water Spaniel is a rare breed that isn’t generally recognized outside of the Great Lakes region in the United States.

In fact, it’s estimated that there are just about 3,000 American Water Spaniels in the entire country.

The American Water Spaniel dog (also known as the AWS) is a medium-sized hunting dog that weighs 25 to 45 pounds and stands 15 to 18 inches tall.

The AWS, as its name suggests, is mostly used for hunting waterfowl, but it can also be used for other small animals.

If you’re an athletic owner of a cocker spaniel, this may be the dog breed for you.

Given the breed’s rarity, if an AWS appeals to you, you should begin hunting for a breeder right away.

American Water Spaniel Price
American Water Spaniel Price

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Price of an American Water Spaniel?

Because of the breed’s rarity, you can expect to pay a lot of money. This dog breed is also known as the American Water Spaniel puppy. A puppy from an American Water Spaniel breeder will cost between $1200 and $1500.

Puppies of American Water Spaniels

Your AWS dog will grow up to be a strong, healthy adult and a credit to your family if properly raised and trained.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure he’s properly socialized, housetrained, and obedience trained in order for this to happen.

Even before you bring your puppy home, there’s one thing you’ll need to do: “puppy proof” your home.

Look around to make sure there aren’t any electrical lines that your dog could chew on.

Install latches if your lower cupboards are easily open — the last thing you want is for your AWS puppy to decide that cleaning fluids, ant poison, and other chemicals are worth investigating!

It’s also a good idea, if possible, to keep your puppy under close monitoring during the first few weeks.

If you can’t always be at home, enlist the services of a friend or relative to “puppy sit” for you while you’re at work or away from home for other reasons.

If this isn’t an option, acquire a crate for your puppy to keep him safe while you’re gone.

Isn’t that a bit cruel? It’s not true at all.

A dog considers a crate to be a small den where he feels comfortable. It’s not a prison as long as there’s food, water, and toys in the crate.

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If you use the crate to confine your puppy when you have other things to do and don’t want to be bothered, it Is a prison.

Use the “umbilical” approach instead if you’re at home and busy and can’t supervise all of the time.

This is done by tying the loop end of a long leash around your waist and attaching the clip end to your puppy’s collar.

Your American Water Spaniel puppy can follow you around everywhere you go with very little effort on your side.

It’s a safe and simple method to keep an eye on things, and it also helps with bonding!


As soon as you get your American Water Spaniel puppy home, you’ll want to get to work, so start taking him everywhere with you.

Go to the mall, take a walk, or pay a visit to your neighbors.

Your dog will be better socialized the more people he meets.

Enrolling your new best friend at puppy kindergarten so he can meet other dogs is also a wonderful idea.

Training in the House

The most difficult and irritating aspect of raising a puppy, according to most dog owners, is house training.

If you have trouble cleaning up pee and feces, you might want to consider adopting an adult dog, perhaps a rescue, who is already housebroken.

Otherwise, patience, as well as soap and water, will be required.

Many puppy owners make the mistake of believing that their dog must be disciplined after urinating indoors. This isn’t going to help in the least.

Your puppy will have no idea what he’s done wrong.

You must be aware of what is happening and take your puppy outside before he needs to go pee.

This means he goes out half an hour after each meal or watering, first thing in the morning, and last thing before bed.

Accidents will happen no matter how attentively you monitor your dog.

Simply maintain your composure when they occur.

Clean up after yourself and try not to get disheartened.

House training will not happen immediately, but you will notice improvements day by day.

Your AWS puppy will eventually figure out that you want him to perform his business outside.

After that, you can begin obedience training.

Training in Obedience

Any breed of dog need obedience training, and it’s best to start early.

Training sessions should be kept to a minimum, usually around 10 minutes.

Of course, you can schedule multiple sessions throughout the day. In sequence, here are the five things your American Water Spaniel should learn.

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1. Sit

Teaching your dog to sit is a simple process.

This is the first command you’ll teach him because it serves as the foundation for all others.

Place your dog in front of you to teach him to sit.

Move your hand over his head in the direction of his butt, holding a treat in your hand.

Your dog’s butt will naturally move toward the floor when he raises his head to look at the treat.

Give him the treat and praise him as soon as it makes contact.

2. Down

You can advance to “Down” if your dog can sit on command without needing a treat.

Get him to sit, then drop your hand toward the floor and use a sweeping motion to bring it toward your feet while saying “Down.”

Your dog will lower his front end once more as he follows the motion of the treat.

Praise him and give him the treat once he’s lying down, even if it’s only for a second or two.

3. Stay

Because this command is a little more difficult to teach, you’ll be changing things up a little.

But it’s one of the most useful and crucial orders because a dog that stays when you tell him to won’t get into trouble.

Put your dog in the position you want him to stay in, whether it’s “Sit” or “Down.”

Then, facing your dog, raise your hand to cheek level and say “Stay,” then take a few steps back.

Your dog will most likely want to approach you. If he does, simply reposition him and try again.

Praise him and give him the treat if he can hold the stay for even a few seconds.

Move a little further back and have him hold the pose for a little longer until he gets the idea.

Of course, you can’t expect him to stay in the role indefinitely, so you’ll need a strategy to let him leave.

That’s one of the reasons you should train him to come!

4. Come

This is the trickiest command to master. It’s also crucial, for the same reason that “Stay” is crucial.

You want to be able to call your dog to you at any time and have him respond.

That way, if he appears to be about to get himself into trouble, you can intervene and save him.

You can teach your AWS to come on command once he has mastered “Stay.”

Tell him to sit or lie down and to stay.

Take a treat from your pocket and pat your shoulder many times with the hand that isn’t holding the treat, saying “Come.”

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He may be cautious at first because you did instruct him to stay, but keep encouraging him until he comes to you.

Tell him to take a seat and then give him the treat.

If you’re working with your dog outside, you might want to consider getting a long training leash.

As your dog learns, this will keep him secure.

5. Heel

Walking a puppy on a leash is simple enough, and if he tugs at the leash, you can easily reel him in.

With a medium-sized dog like an adult American Water Spaniel, it’s more difficult.

Adult dogs who have been trained to walk at heel are much easier to handle.

We’re returning to more familiar ground with this instruction.

Fill your pockets with treats and take your AWS puppy for a walk.

Allow him to explore for a few minutes before getting to work.

Take a treat from your pocket and lay it next to your knee on the side you want your dog to walk on (usually people have their dogs walk on the left, but it’s up to you unless you’re training for a show).

Your dog will undoubtedly move in the direction of the treat. Say “Heel,” congratulate him, and hand out the treat.

A little tug on the leash can help to reinforce the situation.

Be patient if your dog doesn’t take to obedience training right away.

Remember that no dog, including the AWS, will ever respond favorably to scolding or other harsh treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do American water spaniels shed?

An AWS coat can be solid liver, brown, or dark chocolate, with a slight amount of white on the toes or chest on rare occasions.
Water Spaniels shed in the spring, but regular brushing will prevent excessive loose hair from accumulating on your carpets and furnishings.

Is an American water spaniel a good family dog?

American water spaniels are recognized for being intelligent, obedient, friendly, and good with other animals and children.
They’re also excellent watchdogs.
They make ideal family pets because of these features.

Do American water spaniels bark a lot?

They are outstanding hunters because of their keen sense of smell, as well as their retrieving and swimming abilities.
This does, however, mean that they bark a lot.
American Water Spaniels are normally joyful, eager, and charming, although they can be aloof with strangers.

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