Best Brush for Springer Spaniel: A Look at the Top Choices

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English Springer Spaniels are a very popular breed among dog owners, particularly those looking for a friendly hiking or hunting companion. They’re highly athletic and energetic making them an ideal pal for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, of course, their desire to hunt and play also means that their long coats require regular brushing and maintenance to stay silky smooth and clean. Take a look at our suggestions for the best brush for Springer Spaniels below.

Recommended Brushes at a Glance

Choosing the Right Brush for your English Springer Spaniel

Along with taking care of pesky matting in their fur, regular brushing is a great opportunity to check your pet for any new bumps, skin irritations, ticks or fleas.

That being said, you might find yourself in the pet supplies aisle at your local pet store wondering what exactly is the difference between the variety of brushes available, and making sure you select the right one for your dog’s fur will go a long way in ensuring your pet is getting the adequate care it requires. So what’s the best brush for your Springer Spaniel?


Types of Brushes

To get you on the right track, below we’ve outlined the different types of brushes you are likely to encounter and what sets them apart from each other Further, you can find our more detailed reviews of some popular brush options for your pet.


  • Work well for most coat types
  • Usually curved or flat headed
  • Filled with many thin wire pins
  • Pins are suited well for removing loose fur and detangling clumps


  • Similar in shape and design to Slicker brushes
  • Pins are topped with rubber or plastic tips
  • Desirable option for pets with silky fur


  • Short firm bristles
  • Desirable for pets with wire-like fur 

Shedding Blade

  • Designed to reduce shedding by removing loose fur from the source
  • Often shaped like horseshoes
  • Small teeth edged into its metal frame

Undercoat Rake

  • Similarly designed to Pin Brushes
  • Utilizes longer pins to pull out the double coat found in many large dog breed


  • Similar in design to Shedding Blades and Slicker Brushes
  • Said to reduce shedding upwards of 90%

Brushing Your Dog: The Basics

Now that we’ve covered the basic differences between brushes, let’s address the best way to brush your furry pal.

The Head

Your dog’s skin and fur around their face are quite sensitive and you’ll need to mindful of their eyes and ears, so take your time and start with the top of your dog’s head. Springer Spaniels tend to have long strains of facial fur, so gently move these strands away from their eyes as you gently brush them.

The Ears

Putting your brush between your hand and your dog’s ear while you tend to this sensitive area will help keep your dog calm and give you greater control. Dogs with long hair, like Springer Spaniels, are prone to matting behind their ears so be mindful of tangles. By making this a daily practice you can greatly reduce matting and tangles.

The Chest

When you’re combing through your dog’s chest, shoulders and neck, take special attention to the direction this fur should fall; you’ll want to be brushing in that direction when you tackle this large area.

The Legs

Springer Spaniels have significant feathering on their legs, which is the long hair that flows off the back of the legs. These are very prone to tangling so you’ll want to take the time to brush them regularly using a similar technique to the one we outlined above for your dog’s ears.

The Belly

Finally, when working through the underbelly, go against the grain but keep in mind that your dog’s private areas and the belly itself are sensitive areas. Your pooch will let you know when you’re getting too close or too aggressive with your brushing.

If you’re relatively new to dog grooming, I recommend you check out this helpful video on daily basic care.

Our top choices

Now that we’ve gone through the essentials, let’s dive into some currently available options and the pros and cons of each of them.

GoPets Grooming Comb

A combination comb, the GoPets Grooming Comb is equipped with both bristles and pins making it a handy all-in-one tool for dogs with long or short hair. This handy dual-coverage comb is not only a time saver but a money saver, too, as it eliminates the need to purchase two separate devices. The bristle side will help remove excess dirt or debris that attached itself to your dog’s coat, comfortably and quickly, and without irritating those with sensitive skin. Flip it over and the pins will dig deep to untangle and remove any loose fur lurking beneath the surface.


  • Bristle and Pin Combo Brush
  • Good for all hair types
  • Money Buying Multiple Brushes


  • Difficult to clean
  • The straight handle may be uncomfortable for longer grooming sessions

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Paw Brothers Extra Large Pin Brush

The Extra Large Pin Brush by Paw Brothers is designed with durability in mind with high-quality stainless steel pins built to last. The long pins will assist with keeping thick, longer fur neat and tidy and can help remove dirt and tangles from any undercoating so that your pets fur doesn’t get stuck together. The non-slip handle will make gripping and handling easier and it’s lightweight which encourages you to put less pressure on the brush, which your dog will be thankful for.


  • Stainless steel pins
  • Well priced
  • The convenience of home delivery which avoids repeated trips to the supermarket/pet store


  • Difficult to clean
  • thumbs-o-downStraight handle may be uncomfortable for longer grooming sessions

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Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

A slicker brush with a twist, the Self-Cleaning brush by Hertzko uses small, slightly bent pins to gently remove excess dirt and loose fur while limiting contact with your dog’s skin in an effort to reduce irritation or scratching. With a retractable bristle function, removing the fur from the brush is made easier and cuts down on overall grooming time. This Hertzko brush also comes equipped with an anti-slip handle in order to reduce wrist-fatigue during long brushing sessions.


  • Bent pins limit contact with dog’s skin
  • Well priced
  • Easy to clean


  • Requires regular retracting of the pins during grooming

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FURminator deShedding Tool

Made partly of stainless steel, the FURminator is built to last and equipped with an ergonomic handle to make handling more comfortable. Its quick eject feature is easy to use and makes removing the hair from the brush as simple as pressing a button. FURminator’s are said to reduce shedding up to 90% and are seen as an innovative leader in the dog grooming department.


  • Easy to clean
  • Ergonomic handle for easy handling
  • Reduces shedding by up to 90%
  • Well priced


  • Requires regularly ejecting of fur during grooming
  • The straight handle may be uncomfortable for longer grooming sessions

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Our Choice of Best Brush for Springer Spaniel

While there are ample options for high-quality dog brushes available on the market, for long-haired, silky, coats like seen on Springer Spaniels, there is one clear winner in our minds.

The FURminator deShedding Tool is The Best Dog Brush for those seeking both good quality and value. Combining high-quality stainless steel pins with an easy, one-press fur removal feature and comfortable, durable, ergonomic handle to make grooming your long-haired pooch a breeze.