How Much Do Cocker Spaniels Cost? [Answered]

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Have you made the decision to bring a Cocker Spaniel puppy into your home?

These lovely dogs are wonderful companions since they are calm and kind.

They are one among America’s most popular dog breeds, thanks to their silky ears and charming faces.

Their size is ideal for a family with small children who want a dog to play with, or for someone who lives in an apartment with limited room.

The price of a Cocker Spaniel puppy can range from $200 to $3000, depending on a variety of circumstances.

Let’s have a look at the price range for this breed.

How Much Do Cocker Spaniels Cost?
How Much Do Cocker Spaniels Cost?

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What is the price of a Cocker Spaniel?

If you purchase a Cocker Spaniel puppy from a breeder, the price will range from $800 to $2000. Puppies with pedigrees can cost up to $3000.

Depending on the age of the dog, adopting a Cocker from a rescue might cost anywhere from $200 to $350.

Cocker puppies are frequently advertised in classified advertising for as little as $300.

What is the cost of a Cocker Spaniel?

Dog breeder, rescues, and private vendors all demand varying prices for their puppies, which is understandable.

You can know that respectable breeders have placed time, care, and attention into the process, with the health of the puppies as the top priority.

Rescue organizations want to reclaim the money they spent on the dog’s veterinary and everyday care, as well as some money to put toward the needs of other pets.

Puppies are sold by private vendors, mainly through classified ads, in order to make money.

The cost of a puppy can vary depending on where you want to get it.

Purchasing a puppy on Craigslist

Craiglist may appear to be a simple way to buy a Cocker Spaniel puppy quickly and cheaply, but it is not without risk.

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The parents of these puppies are frequently family pets who “accidentally” had puppies or are being exploited to develop puppies for the owner to sell (s).

Before you hand over your money for the cutest one in the litter, there is no guarantee that the Cocker Spaniels will be purebred, healthy, or cared for.

Cocker are predisposed to a number of health issues, including:

  • Allergies
  • Infections and itchy skin disorders
  • Hip dysplasia is a condition that affects the hip joint.
  • Infections of the ears
  • Inherited genetic disorders

The difficulties may become worse if puppies are born without sufficient responsibilities to guarantee that these situations are addressed.

This means that your low-cost puppy will end up costing you more in the long run in terms of veterinarian care, medications, and special shampoos.

Getting a puppy from a Shelter

Rescue organizations demand an adoption fee for their puppies, which varies based on the puppy’s age and health.

The charge will be greater if you want to adopt a very young puppy.

Older dogs are less expensive, and senior dogs may be eligible for a charge reduction or waiver.

When you choose to rescue your puppy, you are agreeing that the rescue must give all of the puppy’s initial veterinary treatment, such as immunizations, spaying or neutering, and deworming.

It may appear to be a large sum, but it covers all of those services and helps the rescue raise funds to continue rescuing animals.

Purchasing a puppy from a Breeder

AKC recognized Cocker Spaniel puppies range in price from $800 to $3000.

The price may be a little higher than classified advertising or rescues, but this is due to the meticulous breeding process.

Dogs are genetically screened and bred to ensure that health concerns common to Cocker Spaniels are minimized.

Breeders mate dogs to preserve the breed standard rather than to make a quick buck.

Puppies are routinely given their first immunizations and deworming dosages before leaving the breeder.

It’s up to you to complete the remaining veterinary duties.

It may appear costly, especially in light of the puppy’s initial purchase.

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The expense of owning a Cocker Spaniel on an annual basis

Veterinary fees

The veterinary bills associated with Cocker Spaniels include annual exams and standard vaccines, but their health issues will require care as well.

An x-ray, which can cost $200-$400, is used to diagnose hip dysplasia.

Skin scrapings are required for accurate diagnosis of skin diseases, which can cost up to $300.

Infections in the eyes and ears are treated with medication, which can cost anywhere from $20 to $200.

Finally, medical emergencies and specialists for specific conditions (such as cancer) might set you back thousands of dollars.

The expense of Grooming

To be healthy and clean, a Cocker Spaniel will need to be groomed on a regular basis.

Their coat can quickly grow out of control, necessitating trimming and maintenance.

Nail must be clipped regularly to avoid becoming too long and causing paw injury.

To avoid infections, those long, silky ears should be washed and clipped on a regular basis.

The cost of a normal grooming appointment for your american cocker spaniel or english cocker spaniel, which includes these services, ranges from $30 to $75.

Costs of food and toys

Despite the fact that a Cocker Spaniel is a little dog, the cost of food is determined by its quality rather than its quantity.

Puppies, especially during their first six months of life, require more food than adult dogs.

Depending on the quality and brand, a 30-pound bag of dry dog food that lasts a month might cost anywhere from $35 to $150.

Choosing the correct toys for your Cocker puppy might be tough with so many options available.

Cheaper toys may be less expensive, but if your dog chews, they won’t last long.

Toys that are stronger and more durable are more expensive, but they are built to last.

The average dog toy costs around $4 and can go up to $25-30.

Budgetary considerations

Before you consider adopting a puppy into your home, evaluate your finances and if you can afford to provide it with everything it needs to live a happy and comfortable life.

Food, toys, treats, and accessories are typically easy to come by.

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Vet bills and emergencies, on the other hand, can be unanticipated expenses that lead to many dogs being surrendered to rescue in the first place.

Their owners couldn’t – or wouldn’t – pay for their upkeep.

This is why it’s crucial to think things over carefully before bringing a new puppy into your family.


One of the most expensive dog breed to care for is the Cocker Spaniel.

If you get your puppy from a reputable breeder or from cocker spaniel breeders, you should expect to pay roughly $3000.

This may appear to be costly, but it will considerably lower your chances of incurring costly or unexpected vet expenditures in the future as a result of genetic health issues.

While the classifieds or someone you know who knows someone whose aunt has a Cocker Spaniel with pups may still be the cheapest option, it is seldom the greatest option.

The puppies are frequently neglected in terms of pet insurance and socialization.

This can lead to a slew of issues, including being stuck with a violent or chronically ill dog down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is a purebred cocker spaniel worth?

An American Cocker Spaniel puppy from a good breeder will typically cost between $1,000 and $2,000, with a top-quality American Cocker Spaniel puppy costing upwards of $3,500.
The cost of a puppy is determined by the age, sex, quality, pedigree, and location of the breeder.

Is a Cocker Spaniel a good first dog?

They are known for being active, flexible, and friendly, and they can live peacefully in a variety of settings.
Cocker Spaniels are calm and kind, making them ideal for first-time dog owners.

Do cocker spaniels make good pets?

Is it true that Cocker Spaniels make good family pets?
Yes, these adorable puppies are gentle, kind, and loving companions who are ideal for families with young children.
They are well-known for their cheerful, sound, and trustworthy demeanor.

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