Springer Spaniel Temperament

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The English Springer Spaniel is recognised all over the world for its long droopy ears and unique coat. Springer Spaniels are dogs which usually remain in high spirits for most of the time, however, they require a lot of attention – including a long walk or run each day – to keep them calm.

Younger Springer Spaniels which are not exercised often can easily become boisterous and a handful. They are great with people of all ages, including kids, and make great family pets.

Springer Spaniel Personality

Springer Spaniels are full of life and are built for being mobile; they do not cope well with passive environments and like to move around a lot.

This breed of dog enjoys hunting – whether out in the open or in the back garden – and are renowned for being quite messy, often tracking mud, dirt and water wherever they go.

Their coat does not help this, and the Springer Spaniel breed of dog requires a lot of cleaning and grooming. In this regard, they can be a handful and require a lot of attention.  

Are Springer Spaniels Aggressive?

For the most part, Springer Spaniels are passive dogs and, although they may bark when somebody comes to the door, they would be less than useless at protecting you from an intruder.

Springer Spaniels rarely get aggressive with humans and they are almost impossible to train so far as personal protection goes. In addition to this, the Springer Spaniel gets along well with most other kinds of family pets.

The one exception to this are birds: Springer Spaniels are bird-hunting dogs and may not be suitable for a household which keeps birds as pets. For families which are active and like to get out and about, the Springer Spaniel is an excellent and loyal pet.

Can Springer Spaniels Be Trained?

Yes, this breed of dog is quite easy to train (just not with anything which requires aggression) – they are a smart and curious breed of dog which responds well to training.

Because they are not aggressive by nature, Springer Spaniels will not respond well to scalding or harsh discipline, so good behaviour should be positively reinforced, and any bad behaviours ignored.

If you were to scald and berate a Springer Spaniel, you may find training becomes harder – they are renowned for becoming very cold should any mistrust arise.

Providing Enough Exercise

Springer Spaniels are highly social dogs which require mental stimulation and plenty of exercises. If you cannot provide this, it is not the right breed of dog for you. Springer Spaniels which do not get enough activity will become restless and can damage property.

The English Springer Spaniel requires exposure to other people (and animals in an ideal situation) to satisfy their social needs and develop properly.

Springer Spaniels which do not get enough exercise and social interaction will display traits such as fear, scepticism and a general suspicion when it comes to people.

In Summary

If you are looking for a well-tempered dog which makes a loyal companion and you have the time and energy to dedicate towards it, an English Springer Spaniel will make an excellent family pet.

Don’t, however, expect this dog to back you up if things should get heated – they are good natured and do not fare well with aggression.

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