Springtime Tips for Happy, Healthy Spaniels

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If you’re the owner of a Spaniel (or another pet dog), you’re probably well aware that your pup is an awesome companion to have year-round. With some care and affection, dogs can provide companionship, safety and lots of love, no matter the season or date.

If you want to enjoy the unwaveringly awesome company of your pet for years to come, it’s important to pay close attention to his health. One important step you can take is ensuring your pup is prepared for each season as it arrives, so that he is in tip-top shape to enjoy the changing weather and that he is not negatively affected by anything he experiences.

Below are some helpful care tips for your dog as the spring arrives. By following these, you can ensure that he enjoys and thrives in the season.

Get Him Groomed

During the winter, dogs enjoy an extra layer of fuzzy hair to keep them warm. As the spring approaches, get your dog groomed to remove that extra hair. Having less hair during the spring and summer months means that your dog will be cooler and more comfortable.

Treat for Heartworms, Ticks and Fleas

Your dog should be treated for all parasites year-round, but you need to make sure that he’s freshly treated in time for spring to arrive. Fleas, mosquitoes and ticks come back with a vengeance in the warm weather, and your dog will be spending more time outside — meaning he’ll be more vulnerable to become their prey.

Clean Your Yard

Start clearing your yard of winter debris that may have rotting leaves or fungus in it. These can carry diseases that will get your dog sick or tempt your dog to eat them. If you’re planning to plant flowers and vegetation for the season ahead, and you want to treat your yard, make sure you put away any chemicals or fertilizers before you let your dog run around. You don’t want your pup to encounter anything that could make him sick.

Bring a Water Bowl

If you start going on walks in the warmer weather, make sure you bring along a water bowl. Collapsible water bowls that fit in your purse allow you to give your pooch some hydrating H2O while you’re on the go. Dogs can be dehydrated much more easily once it’s hot out (especially if they’re excited to play and run around more), so it helps to have the ability to provide water wherever you are.

Take Him to the Vet

Before you let your dog spend lots of time playing outside, take him to the vet for an annual checkup. Your vet can make sure your dog is healthy and ready to expend energy in the warmth. If you have an older dog, your vet may be able to spot potentially risky health conditions, like Cushing’s syndrome, check over here for a resource on how your dog can be safely treated with Vetoryl. By checking with your vet, you can ensure your pup is properly treated for spending time outside and in perfect shape to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Having a Spaniel is an awesome experience, especially when it’s nice outside, and by prepping your pup properly, you can ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy the weather as it finally turns from cold weather to warm.

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  1. I had a precious Cavalier, KCS whom I had to put down a year ago, due to the classic heart failure – she’d hit stage 5. It was awful. I live alone and I was lonesome, sad, and everytime I saw her picture, I’d cry. Well, my 3 adult kids have hearts of gold and they went together and got me a Cockatier … a breeding of a Cavalier and a Cocker Spaniel … trying to breed out the heart issue classic in Cavaliers. My Ginger is the result of 2 Cockatiers, so I’m hoping she won’t have that problem. She’s white, amber ears, with a blenheim white area on her head and a few amber large spots on her back. My kids are wonderful, and God is so very good.

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