Best Dog Brush for Shedding

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We all know that feeling: leaving the house after kissing Fido goodbye only to look down and realize that you’re absolutely covered in dog hair. Next comes the pang of stifled grief at the thought that your carpets and furniture are also worse for wear. While dog shedding is a completely natural phenomenon, the daily panic of locating the lint roller should not be. Armed with the best dog brush for shedding dogs, you can finally put away the vacuum and rest easier knowing that you’ve gotten the dog-hair situation under control.

Best Deshedding Brush for Dogs: Top Choices

Shedding Prevention

The best way to prevent a dog from shedding and from its hair getting all over the place is to get a dog that is hairless—problem solved! For most of us, however, this obviously isn’t a possibility.

Understanding that most dogs shed, and that frequent shedding is completely normal is the first step in controlling the problem.

Shedding cannot be completely prevented, therefore, making the effort to reduce the amount of shedding is the next best option.

A good way to start is by analyzing the type of hair that your dog has. There are many de-shedding brushes and tools available for all types of hair; using the right one for your dog’s hair type is important to achieve the best results (source).

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What to Look for

De-shedding brushes are unlike traditional bristle brushes that are used to groom a dog’s fur. They have one main purpose: to remove loose hair from the coat.

Some brushes claim to remove up to 90 percent of loose hair from a dog’s coat, whereas traditional bristle brushes are mainly used to distribute oils and stimulate a dog’s skin and are not specifically designed to remove loose hair.

De-shedding brushes are not as comfortable as other brushes and should be used gently.

This type of brush comes in two forms, a comb-style brush with one row of metal tines, or a brush with a rectangular head and small metal tines (also known as a slicker brush).

Slicker brushes may be more appropriate for use on shorter, finer hair.

The tines on both versions of the brush can be spaced close together or farther apart. Depending on the length of your dog’s hair and thickness of the coat, the tines must be long enough to reach down through all layers to the skin.

It is important that the ends of the tines do not have any sharp edges that can scratch your dog’s skin. To test the comfort of the brush, gently run it down your arm. If you feel like the brush is scratching you, chances are that your dog will feel it, too.

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Using a De-shedding Brush

Before using a de-shedding brush, you may have to check your dog’s coat for any tangles or mats that must first be removed. If you attempt to use a de-shedding brush over mats or tangles, the thin tines of the brush may break off or become damaged. Look for a brush with thicker tines if you frequently miss finding areas of matting or if you’d prefer a dual-purpose tool.

Once the dog’s coat is tangle-free, brush it in small sections, separating the layers of fur as you go from the topcoat down towards the skin. During brushing, make sure that you frequently clean the brush from excess hair to prevent the captured hair from being redistributed to other areas of the coat. A self-cleaning brush head may be a good investment if you find yourself needing to clean the brush multiple times per de-shedding session.

The frequency of using a de-shedding brush depends on how much your dog sheds and if you regularly use other grooming tools. For example, if your only tool is a de-shedding brush, you may need to use it once a week to daily depending on the volume of shedding.

However, if you have multiple tools, you can use the de-shedding brush once a week while keeping loose hairs at bay by brushing daily with another, gentler brush. Increase the frequency of using the de-shedding brush until the incidence of finding loose dog hair on clothing and furniture is reduced.

While you may think that any amount of shedding is bad, excessive shedding might be a sign of underlying disease or other issues. Pay close attention to your dog’s coat and look for patches of missing hair or signs of skin irritation (source). Have a veterinarian check any areas that you find concerning.

De-Shedding Brush Reviews

Below we take a more detailed look at the choices we recommended above.

As the name of the brush suggests, this tool is made specifically for dogs with medium to long coats. The tines have smooth, rounded edges to prevent scratching, and are a great option for dogs with sensitive skin or those that are anxious during grooming. Due to the wide spacing of the tines, hair can easily be cleaned from out of them, however, the brush does not hold the hair very firmly and therefore it should be cleaned frequently to prevent loose hair from falling onto the floor.

The brush head is about two inches long, perfect for smaller dogs, but may pose an issue if used to groom larger dogs or dogs with very thick coats. The sturdy handle has an ergonomic design that helps it fit comfortably in your hand during brushing.


  • Very gentle for a scratch-free experience
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for use on smaller dogs with medium to long hair
  • Sturdy, ergonomic handle


  • Not recommended for dogs with short hair
  • Loose hair can easily fall out of the tines


A great option for dogs with shorter hair, this brush can also work well on longer hair. With its very large brush head, it is suitable for dogs of all sizes. This brush features thin metal tines that are tightly packed to firmly grasp hair and keep it from becoming loose. The tines are curved slightly near the ends to enable deeper penetration into the coat, but gentle brushing is recommended to keep from scratching your dog’s skin.

This brush features a self-cleaning mechanism by which the tines retract into the brush head at the touch of a button, allowing you to easily wipe off the hair. This is a particularly useful feature since this slicker brush may remove up to 95 percent of loose hair in a dog’s coat. Unlike a comb-style brush, this brush can be used as a traditional bristle brush to smooth hair for a more finished look.


  • Large brush head
  • Tines firmly grasp hair
  • The self-cleaning mechanism makes clean-up a breeze
  • Can be used to smooth hair


  • Tines may scratch a dog’s skin


This comb-style brush can remove up to 90 percent of loose hair out of a dog’s coat. Although it is specifically for dogs with shorter to medium-length hair, it can also be used on longer hair. The tines of the brush are on the shorter side, so it may not be the best choice for very thick coats. The tines are spaced very closely, maximizing the amount of hair that is picked up, and holding it firmly to prevent it from getting loose.

This brush comes with a 4.13-inch head, which is ideal for brushing larger areas of the coat, like a dog’s back or chest. Another great feature of this brush is its detachable head mechanism that makes cleaning it quick and easy. Simply depress the button on the handle and the combis ejected from the handle.

This tool is a very economical option with many good features. It is a great choice if used once or twice a week in conjunction with a bristle brush. Dogs that shed very frequently and in great volumes may require a more durable brush.


  • Can be used for all hair types
  • Comes with free ebooks
  • Detachable head for easy cleaning
  • Cheap


  • Odd color choice


Final Thoughts and our recommended Best Dog Brush for Shedding

A dog owner should have multiple tools in their grooming kit, particularly if they have a dog with a complex coat structure or a dog that sheds a lot. Therefore, de-shedding brushes should only have to be used up to twice weekly, with daily brushing using a bristle brush or other type of brush.

Our pick for the best de-shedding brush is the . This high-quality brush is packed with features offering excellent functionality. It is essentially one-size-fits-all and can be used on large and small dogs with all types of coats. Its easy release mechanism ensures that loose hair ends up only in the trash bin and no longer on your clothing or furniture.