best smelling dog shampoo

Best Smelling Dog Shampoo

It happens to the best of us: coming home from a long day at work, anxious to see Fido again. We turn the key in the lock, already hearing the soft thump of a wagging tail against the door. At last, it’s opened and we immediately bury our entire face …

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best brush for shedding

Best Dog Brush for Shedding

We all know that feeling: leaving the house after kissing Fido goodbye only to look down and realize that you’re absolutely covered in dog hair. Next comes the pang of stifled grief at the thought that your carpets and furniture are also worse for wear. While dog shedding is a …

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Best Brush for Short Hair Dogs

Best Brush for Short Hair Dogs

Dogs with short hair are not prone to getting tangles and matted fur like their longer-haired counterparts.  Although their coats are short, it is still important to properly brush and groom them. Luckily, grooming a short-haired dog is relatively quick and simple, and the benefits will be well worth it …

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