Bristly Review – Breakthrough in Canine Oral Care

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Like most Dogs, many Spaniel Breeds are prone to Oral Health problems.

Periodontal disease is estimated to impact as many as 84% of older Dogs, causing immense discomfort and also expensive veterinary bills.

So how can you take better care of your paw pals dental hygiene?

Bristly, think they have the answer with their innovative toothbrushing stick, designed to help solve the #1 problem in canine health – Oral Disease.

Please note, this is a sponsored post by Bristly to promote their Kickstarter campaign

Existing lackluster Canine Oral Care options

If you ask your veterinarian for advice, they will likely suggest you regularly brush your dog’s teeth.

While in theory, this seems logical, you’ll find that the practicality of doing this leaves a lot to be desired.

While you can certainly buy “doggy toothbrushes” that you attach to your finger, they are hardly the easiest thing to use.

The likelihood of your dog letting you come anywhere near their teeth with one of these is slim at best.

The other commonly suggested option is Dog dental treats.

But these don’t quite cut it either.

It seems very counterintuitive to suggest that a food product (usually rawhide) could be a valid solution to improving your Dog’s dental hygiene.

So what’s the solution?


Breakthrough Canine Oral Care Solution from Bristly

So if the answer isn’t a traditional toothbrush, what is it?

It’s remarkable that it has taken this long for someone to come up with a product like this, but the old adage runs true here, simple is best.

Bristly have meticulously crafted a Dog Toothbrush, that isn’t a Toothbrush!

Instead, they’ve designed a perfectly designed “toy-like” brush, designed with a Dogs anatomy in mind.

The Bristly combines easy to hold paw pads, 2 sides of bristle lines, flavored bristles and a self-dispensing toothpaste reservoir to help ensure your Dog’s teeth can be cleaned all the way down to the gumline.

This simple yet ingenious design ensures your Dog will actually want to use this brush and in doing so will help to keep their teeth clean and healthy.


Check out Bristly on Kickstarter

We think the Bristly is a fantastic idea, it promotes Canine Dental hygiene in an easy and fun manner.

There’s no (or at least very limited) effort required on your behalf as you simply apply toothpaste and give it to your Dog.

Available in 3 sizes, and designed to be durable there should be an option for any type of Spaniel, from a timid Cavalier to a boisterous Springer.

Check it out now on Kickstarter where you can benefit from a huge 40% discount.

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