How to Stop Your Cocker Spaniel From Chewing

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Whether you have an adult Cocker Spaniel or you’ve just brought your new Cocker Spaniel puppy home. Stopping your Cocker Spaniel from chewing should be a top priority.

If your dog inappropriately chews, no matter how wonderful and cute it may be, you’ve got a big problem. And you need to put a stop to this behavior as soon as possible.

This could be a bad problem to have. The dog/puppy could destroy things in your house.

Worse yet, It could even accidentally break something and choke on it. Leading to an expensive vet bill. Or even death.

So if all you want to do is to Cocker Spaniel from Chewing, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve got some handy tips.

Puppy-proof your home

The first step you should take is to puppy proof your house.

Keep chemical and cleaning products high up.

Any rooms you do not want the puppy to be in, make sure the doors are shut.

Anything you do not want the puppy to chew on, make sure it is out of reach of the puppy.

You may also consider crate training to keep your Spaniel contained.

cocker spaniel puppy chewing

How to Stop a Cocker Spaniel Puppy Chewing – Don’t allow this bad habit to form

An inappropriate chewing habit should be broken as soon as possible. In fact, it shouldn’t even be allowed to become a habit.

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Puppies use their mouths as a tool to explore the new world around them. So stopping them from doing this early will save you a lot of headaches.

Thankfully, there are methods to stop this bad behavior. Before you do anything, it should be noted that some health issues may appear to be inappropriate chewing. Although it is unlikely, it is still smart to make sure your puppy is in good health.

Train your pooch early to Stop your Cocker Spaniel Biting

Once you have puppy proofed your house, you can start training.

Like most behavioral problems, the best way to fix chewing and biting is by being dominant.

Using a stern look, sound, or physical correction may be all you need. When this is done you must follow through with the correction.

Use toy replacement

Along with being dominant and proving you are the pack leader, toy replacement can also be an excellent chewing defense.

When your Puppy inappropriately chews something,t you can quickly switch the item the puppy is chewing for one that is appropriate. This is commonly referred to as toy replacement. By doing this your Cocker Spaniel will be able to learn what is OK to chew and what is not.

Make a note to correct bad chewing and to praise good chewing. Do this repeatedly and your Spaniel will soon learn right from wrong. As with most training, persistence is key.

Play with your Dog more!

Playing with your puppy more can help this process too. A tired dog is a good dog and it’s true for Cocker Spaniels.

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There are loads of fun games to play with your dog such as tug of war, just make sure you have a strong chew toy to hand or the fun won’t last very long.

Use a chew repellent product

As a final resort, there are also sprays that have a bitter taste to deter dogs from chewing. We would always recommend trying to train your dog first as these repellents often contain a host of chemical ingredients and can also be costly.

How to Stop an Adult Cocker Spaniel Chewing

If an Adult Cocker Spaniel is chewing, then it’s probably for a similar reason to a puppy. If you follow the same steps as you would for a Cocker Spaniel Puppy and ensure you assert your dominance, use toy replacement and be active and play with your Dog, you should notice that chewing becomes a thing of the past.

If all else fails there are professional training courses that can help alleviate the issue. Doggy Dan provides an excellent online course that we fully recommend, you can find out more here.

Stopping Chewing is Simple if you start Early

These are just a few ways to stop either a puppy or adult dog from inappropriately chewing. This can be a real problem for you and puppy if you don’t act quickly, so don’t delay and put these steps into action today.

The sooner you start correcting this behavior the better. If puppy chewing is allowed to continue it may cause more aggressive behavior later on and the habit can be much harder to break when the Dog becomes an adult.

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These simple steps should stop your Cocker Spaniel chewing in no time and make living together that much easier.

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