Full Grown Cocker Spaniels [Quick Facts]

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Anyone considering getting a Cocker Spaniel as a pet has probably wondered how big they grow up to be.

After all, a fully grown dog’s size will have a significant impact on whether or not that breed is the suitable pet for them.

All Cocker Spaniels mature at their own pace, just like humans, although most will reach full adult height between the ages of 9 and 12.

In most situations, they will continue to grow in muscularity and reach complete maturity between the ages of 18 and 24 months.

Full Grown Cocker Spaniels
Full Grown Cocker Spaniels

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When do cocker spaniels reach full maturity?

At eight weeks old, cocker puppies are charming, and many people make the mistake of treating them like newborns or small fluffy toys.

However, they are dogs, and they are nearly full grown at 6 months.

So there is a lot of growing, developing, and training to be done in such a short period of time.

What Is The Height Of A Fully Grown Cocker Spaniel?

As previously said, each Cocker Spaniel is unique, and they will not all be the same height when fully grown.

We can only go by averages because each dog’s measurements are determined by their DNA.

Height of a Cocker Spaniel

Male Cocker Spaniel, 39–41.5cm tall

Female Cocker Spaniel, 37–39cm tall

When do Cocker Spaniels reach their full height?

Between 9 and 12 months of age, both male and female Cocker Spaniels will reach full size.

Despite the fact that they will continue to grow and mature in terms of muscular/physical development and weight, their typical height should peak around the age of 12 months, give or take.

When Do Cocker Spaniels Reach Full Size?

Cocker Spaniels will reach full physical height by the time they are 12 months old at the maximum, but they will continue to develop and fill out for a few months longer.

Most Cocker Spaniel will achieve their maximum weight by the time they are 24 months old, according to popular belief.

They will maintain this weight for the rest of their lives if they exercise regularly and do not overeat.

Guinness was requested to jump on the scales, the last time I went to the vet with him, and he was just 1kg heavier than when he was last weighed.

It was less than half a kilogram heavier than he was when he was two years old, according to his previous weigh-ins.

After a couple months shy of turning 12 years old at the time of writing.

As I previously stated, a Cocker Spaniel that is highly exercised, adequately fed, and not under or overfed will keep a consistent weight throughout his or her adult life.

How much does a fully grown Cocker Spaniel weigh?

Male and female Cocker Spaniel will continue to grow and gain weight until they achieve full maturity, which normally occurs between the ages of 18 and 24 months.

The Average Weight Of A Cocker Spaniel When Fully Grown

Male, fully grown, weighing 12.5 – 15.5 kilograms

Female, fully grown, weighing 11.75 – 14.5 kg

The statistics above are The American Kennel Club’s recommended ideal weights, which take into account the modest differences in averages between the sexes as well as each dog’s specific height.

Exercise Is Crucial

A Cocker Spaniel is a high-energy dog with a lot of stamina, and I mean a LOT of stamina.

They require regular activity, which does not simply entail playing with a toy in the house or in the garden.

It require long walks and plenty of time spent chasing a ball or running around in open areas.

They will definitely gain weight if they do not get this regular exercise, and they will gain it quickly.

One of the most common queries I encounter on the internet is whether or not their Cocker Spaniels are overweight.

Another typical concern is whether their Cocker Spaniel is underweight.

Because Cockers are small dogs, they might appear substantial if they gain weight, or they can appear quite slender if they are underweight.

Weigh your Cocker Spaniel on a regular basis.

You should weigh your cocker on a regular basis.

Try to get your dog to a weight that is close to optimum based on their appearance, and then check their weight at frequent intervals to help them maintain it.

If you don’t have your own scales, you should take your dog to your veterinarian and have him weighed on theirs.

In every veterinary office I’ve visited, there were scales in the reception area.

Your Cocker should also go to the vet on a regular basis so that they can keep an eye on his weight.

The average weight of a Cocker Spaniel

Another frequently asked question.

Dog owners are concerned about how much their Cocker should weigh as a puppy and as an adult.

  • 1 month old, 1.3 kilogram
  • 2 months old, 3.0 kilogram
  • 3 months old, 6.5 kilogram
  • 4 months old, 8.0 kg
  • 5 months old, 10.0 kg
  • 6 months old, 11.5 kg
  • 7-month-old, 12.5 kilograms
  • 8 months old, 13.25 kilogram
  • 9 months old, 13.5 kilogram
  • 10 months old, 13.6 kilogram
  • 11 months old, 13.7 kilogram
  • 12 months old, 13.8 kilogram

Please bear in mind that these are only averages, not hard and fast rules.

These data are from the Kennel Club and apply to both male and female Cocker Spaniels, but they should only be used as a general guideline.

Remember how I said that each Cocker is unique according to dog breed even though it is spaniel mix or not and develops at its own pace?

Are cocker spaniels suitable for first-time dog owners?

This spaniel breed make wonderful first-time dog owners since they are gentle and kind.

Cocker Spaniels were originally bred as gundogs, and their natural inclinations to ‘work’ make them intelligent, loyal, and eager to please.

Cocker spaniel puppy are also gregarious, build strong friendships fast, and like being in the company of other people and pets.

What foods can’t cocker spaniels eat?

Always keep in mind that some fruits, such as grapes, cherries, lemons, and other citrus fruits, are toxic to your Cocker Spaniel and should be avoided at all times.

Can cocker spaniel be left alone at home?

Springer spaniel are social creatures, and while you can leave them for a few hours at a period, leaving them alone all day is not a good idea.

If you’ll be gone for more than 7,8 hours, have a dog walker or a neighbor walk your dog, or better yet, enroll him in doggie daycare so he may socialize with other dogs.

How far should a cocker spaniel be walked?

Your English Cocker Spaniel or American Cocker Spaniel exercise requirements will vary according on their age, overall health and fitness, and whether they are a ‘show’ or ‘working’ line.

Healthy dogs between the ages of one and nine should get at least 70 minutes of exercise every day, spread out among their daily walks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is a Cocker Spaniel a good family dog?

Yes, these adorable puppies are gentle, kind, and loving companions who are ideal for families with young children. They are well-known for their cheerful, sound, and trustworthy demeanor.

Why you shouldn’t get a cocker spaniel?

When they are peaceful, they get along well with children, but having a lot of exuberant energy in the house can cause the dog to act inappropriately.
High energy levels can also lead to anxiety in the cocker spaniel, which can lead to aggressive actions directed at family members.

Are cocker Spaniels cuddly?

The pleasant temperament of the well-bred Cocker Spaniel.
He is soft and affectionate, and he enjoys taking part in family activities.
He is playful, attentive, and active, and he enjoys all forms of activity, from a brisk walk to field hunting.
The Cocker Spaniel is noted for being an emotionally and physically sensitive dog.

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