Why is my puppy sneezing?

Question: Why is my puppy sneezing?

There are many reasons that puppies sneeze, such as dust, playing, or something more concerning.

It all depends on what is normal for your dog/puppy.

So why do our puppies sneeze?

You should always ask yourself two questions:

  1. Are they sneezing more than usual?
  2. What colour is the snot?

If you know that it is normal for your dog to sneeze a lot, you don’t need to be concerned. What we would suggest to you is looking for changes in their behaviour. If they sneeze more or sneeze less than usual, consider getting them checked over, just in case.

So, let’s look and find out the answers to these questions:

  • What are the common reasons for sneezing?
  • What’re the symptoms of Kennel Cough, and how can we treat it?

What’s a common cause for sneezing?


Like we have said before, there are a lot of reasons why dogs will sneeze. One common cause you may be able to relate to. Dust. Or Pollen. Your dog/puppy could be reacting to something within their environment. Make sure you’re careful when spraying anything near your dog/puppy, as this may cause a reaction and cause sneezing. Have a look around your home or where you keep your pet to see if you can find anything that may cause your pet to sneeze. If there aren’t any chemical sprays (air-fresheners or perfume), the cause may be pollen or dust. Check if there is a high pollen count in your area and see ways to reduce the effects.

Another irritant that may cause your pet to sneeze is they may have something physical stuck in their nose. All dogs we have known love snuffling through the undergrowth and the bushes. This snuffling may result in our beloved friends getting objects such as sticks or stones stuck in their nose. Thus, they sneeze. They usually can remove these objects by themselves but may need some help. If there is any bleeding or they keep pawing their nose, then consult your vet, and they will be able to remove it for you.

Play Sneeze:

Yeah, you read right. Our dogs sneeze whilst they are having fun. But, this is entirely normal and safe. When our dogs play together, they sneeze to indicate that they are only playing and not being aggressive. So, if you’re playing with your dog, and they sneeze, then you shouldn’t be concerned.

Nasal Infection:

If your pup is sneezing more than usual, constantly, it may be a sign of something a little more serious. A nasal infection could cause it. When our pets an upper respiratory infection, the most common symptom is coughing, but we think it is still worth a trip to the vets if they are sneezing more than usual, as this could indicate they are uncomfortable. Always better to be safe.

What are the symptoms of a nasal infection? We will list them below for you to keep an eye out for your pets:

Symptoms of a Nasal Infection:

  • The snot can be either a creamy colour or more green and affect either one or both of the nostrils. Blood can sometimes be seen as well.
  • Sneezing may be attributed
  • Nose bleeds can occur  
  • Pale discolouration of areas in front of the nose
  • Discomfort on palpation of the nose or signs that the dog is becoming head-shy
  • Reverse sneezing

More information can be found here – Aspergillosis

Tooth infection:

Your pet is maybe suffering from a sore tooth as some of their teeth are close to the nasal passages, so any discomfort here may cause your pup to sneeze.


A rare one, but sneezing could indicate a tumour. But this is characterised by severe and persistent sneezing. If you’re concerned, take your pet to the vets to get them checked over.

What is reverse sneezing?

You may be wondering what reverse sneezing is and how do you recognise it. Reverse sneezing is a condition in dogs where the pup expels air in quickly through their noses, in a snort; the dogs snort whilst at the same time inhaling.

It isn’t a dangerous condition for dogs to have, and there are no adverse effects. Your vet should explain what to look for in more detail and what to look out for or reassure you.

There aren’t many treatments for reverse sneezing as the majority of cases don’t require treating or medical intervention. Your vet may give you some anti-histamine or a decongestant. Medically this condition is called “Paroxysmal respiration.”

More information can be found here – Reverse sneezing in Dogs

The symptoms of Kennel Cough, and how can we treat it?

A bacterial infection causes kennel cough and usually affects the bronchi, similar to our chest infections. It clears up within a few weeks, though sometimes your pet may need extra help.

Your pet will experience some symptoms like:

  • Coughing
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Eye discharge

In most cases, Kennel cough will usually clear up by itself in a few weeks without any intervention. On occasions, it may hang around for a bit longer and may need some extra help. The vet can prescribe antibiotics to help clear up the infection. More information about Kennel cough can be found here – Kennel cough.

We love dogs and want to make sure that they are happy and healthy for a long time. We know that sometimes we are unsure of what certain things mean when it comes to our dog’s health. But sneezing shouldn’t be a thing you should be worried about. Mostly sneezing in puppies/dogs is entirely harmless and nothing to worry about. If you’re not sure, we urge you to contact your vet, so your puppy can be safe and healthy.

Can puppies get a cold?

No, dogs don’t get colds in the same way we do. It’s a different virus.

Is it normal for puppies to snore?

Yes, it is normal for puppies to snore when they’re asleep.

Is it normal for puppies to get a runny nose?

Yes, puppies can get a runny nose, especially from allergies, like us.

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