The Essential Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy Supplies Checklist

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Taking your new puppy home should be a fun and memorable occasion.

But are you prepared?

Do you know what you need for your new Cavalier puppy?

To help ensure your new puppy gets off to a smooth start in life we have compiled the Ultimate Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy Supplies Checklist.

This list covers everything a new puppy or dog needs.

Collar & leash

puppy pet collar

All dogs need a collar, right? Not only do they look great, they also allow you to hang a name tag to identify your Dog.

Some collars can be connected to a leash (leader) but you may prefer to purchase a harness for your dog for extra comfort.

While you may not be taking your Cavalier for outdoor walks for a few weeks until they have had their injections, it’s a good idea to get them used to wearing one at an early age.

We really like the Blueberry Pet Dog Collars as they come in a nice range of colors and patterns.

While you can get all sorts of Dog Leashes, we find an Extendable Leash to be the ideal choice for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, as it allows them some freedom whilst still keeping you in control.

Name Tag

puppy name tag

In the UK it is a legal requirement to display your dog’s name and address using some form of the identification tag.

You can get all sorts of fancy name tags, but just don’t forget you can get into a lot of trouble without one, so make this a priority.

You can get name tags in all shapes and sizes, we personally really like this Name Tag with built in GPS tracking.


puppy crate

There are multiple types of Dog crates. You can get small travel crates which are ideal for taking your Dog to the vet.

Or larger, pen style crates which can be used to create a safe environment for your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy.

They can also safeguard your home from an over excited Cavalier Puppy who may have a tendency to chew, or poo. Both highly undesirable.

This is a great example of a multipurpose travel crate which can be used in the home or for travelling.

Dog Bed

puppy dog bed

While your dog may have a crate, they still need a bed.

We actually recommend at least two beds. We’d put one in their “bedtime” spot where you want them to sleep at night and one in a place where you want them to feel comfortable, such as your living room.

By having a second bed in the living room you can encourage your dog to sit there, rather than jumping up on the couch.

Remember, every time you put your dog to bed repeat the words “bedtime”, likewise, if you have a second bed in a different room give that an alternative name and every time you want them to go to that spot use it. We find “cushion time” works well.

Dog beds come in many shapes and sizes but we really like this orthopedic mattress.

Food & Water Bowls

puppy bowl

You need separate bowls for food and water.

Food should be regulated, you don’t want to overfeed your dog as this can cause health issues such as obesity.

Water, on the other hand, must be kept topped up and fresh at all times. A puppy must always have access to fresh water.

Some dogs, such as Spaniels, have long floppy ears. There are special bowls available for specific dogs. These can help keep dogs ears clean and are definitely advisable.

This Spaniel Bowl is an excellent choice for any Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy.

Dog Food & Treats

puppy dog treats

Always buy a good quality dog food, if you don’t think you can afford it, ask yourself are you really ready for a dog. Kibble (cheap, dry dog food) is generally not recommended.

An alternative to cheap, low quality, store bought Dog food, is nutritious home made dog food. The benefits of home made Dog food is that you know exactly what is going into them so you can ensure the highest quality ingredients.

You’ll also want to buy or make some Dog Treats.

Treats are not only tasty, but they can be used as a way to help train your new puppy.

Just go easy on them as they can often be quite fattening.

Remember, you want to use treats as an aid in training, you don’t want to rely on using treats to make your dog respond.

Remember, your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy will require a different diet to an adult dog.

Take this into account when preparing food for them or choose a good quality wet dog food such as this which is prepared especially for Puppies.

Grooming Supplies

puppy grooming

There’s a whole range of grooming supplies available. At the very least we’d recommend getting a brush, towel, dog shampoo and if possible setting aside an old hairdryer.

You’ll probably have a situation where your dog has an accident and you’ll want to make sure you can clean them up afterward.

Remember dogs need regular haircuts too, while it is possible to groom your new pup yourself, you may want to factor in grooming costs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s shed so it’s a good idea to brush them regularly. A good grooming comb like this is an excellent choice.


puppy toys

You don’t need to go overboard (although it may be tempting).

We’d definitely recommend getting at least a few toys such as chew toys, balls and something for your dog to pull on with you such as a rope are all ideal playthings for you and your new pup.

You may as well get a good quality, durable toy for your Cavalier King Charles Pup. Check out our review of the excellent Chuckit Ultraball.

Pet insurance

Pet insurance should always be factored in when purchasing a puppy or even rescuing a Dog.

There’s generally no free medical care for dogs and vet bills can be very expensive.

Pet insurance may seem expensive, but it makes a huge difference to the care that can be given to your new furry friend.

Importance of Health Insurance

Think health insurance is expensive?

Wait until you see the price of veterinary bills.

We highly recommend a good lifetime pet insurance policy.Read more

Cleaning Supplies

dog poo bags

Your beautiful new puppy is going to make a mess. They can’t help it.

Puppies differ to kittens in that they are usually not toilet trained when you take them home.

In fact, puppy toilet training is probably the most difficult stage of owning a new dog.

But persevere and they will understand. Remember, don’t punish a puppy for accidents, just make sure to have cleaning products on hand.

It’s also worth mentioning you’ll probably want to get some dog poop bags.

Remember, always pick up after your dog. It’s also an offense to leave dog poo on the street.

Top tip, buy thick, large bags, like this, regardless of the size of your dog.

Trust us when we say it’s a horrible experience when your hand goes straight through a poo bag.

You’ve got your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy supplies, now enjoy your pup

We’re sure you’ll enjoy life with your new pup and we hope you found our puppy supply checklist useful. Was there something we missed, or something that really helped you when you took your new puppy home? Let us know in the comments below.

Essential Puppy Supplies Infographic

We have created an Essential Puppy Supplies Checklist Infographic below which contains all the essential items you need in order to be prepared to bring a new pup into your home. Please feel free to share this on your website or social media.


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