How Big Do Cocker Spaniels Get? [Answered]

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A Cocker spaniel is an excellent choice for a pet or working dog.

Cocker spaniels are divided into two groups based on their size: display Cockers and working Cockers.

A Cocker spaniel typically weighs between 14 and 20 kg and stands between 12 and 16 inches height at the shoulder.

Show Cocker spaniels are often smaller and more compact than working Cocker spaniels.

Females are usually smaller than male cocker spaniel, but this is not always the case.

How Big Do Cocker Spaniels Get?
How Big Do Cocker Spaniels Get?

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Is the Cocker Spaniel considered a tiny or medium-sized dog?

English Cocker Spaniel Cocker Spaniels are medium-sized, well-balanced canines.

Their coats are silky and flat.

Spaniels have feathering on the front legs.

The English Cocker spaniel or the American Cocker spaniel : Which Is Bigger?

The Cocker spaniel is divided into two breeds in the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries: the American Cocker and the English Cocker.

Many years ago, the breed’split,’ and now there are apparent distinctions between the two types of dogs, with the English Cocker spaniel being more akin to the American Boykin spaniel in size, coloration, and features.

The English Cocker spaniel is larger than the American Cocker spaniel (usually), however working English Cockers might be smaller than the American Cocker spaniel.

Working spaniel are often smaller than show bred dogs, so when comparing the American and English Cockers, a show English Cocker may be a large dog (similar in size to a Springer spaniel), whereas a working English Cocker may be smaller than an American Cocker spaniel.


Yes, dogs of the same or comparable breeds vary in a variety of sizes and forms, just like people.

To put it another way, English Cocker Spaniels are often larger than American Cocker Spaniel.

When does a Cocker spaniel reach full maturity?

By the time they are 12 to 18 months old, most dogs, including Cocker spaniel, are completely matured.

Dogs develop rapidly as a natural, genetic tendency based on survival demands, and the domestic dog is often mature by the time he or she reaches the age of 18 months.

Smaller breeds mature faster than larger dogs, however a Cocker spaniel can be fully grown at any age up to 18 months.

What are the stages of a cocker spaniel’s development till they are completely grown?

Cocker spaniel puppies, like people, will go through different stages of development at different times.

Because every dog is different, these periods are simply guidelines.

For a cocker spaniel puppy, the newborn phase lasts about two weeks.

Puppies devote all of their energy to growth during this phase of life, sleeping the majority of the time.

A transitional period occurs between the ages of two and four weeks.

They open their eyes and ears and begin to stand up.

Teeth erupt, and they learn to walk away from mum in order to use the restroom.

They begin to socialize with others between four to twelve weeks of age and readily embrace individuals in their environment as friends and family.

As their mental development progresses, infants require more nutrition than mom’s milk alone can provide.

Some breeders will begin to adopt them out at this time, although this is not always the case.

The majority of the cocker spaniel puppy’s growth has already occurred, but there is still more to be done.

A cocker spaniel puppy’s sexual development and interest about the world around them will last until the sixteenth week of life.

They’ll look to have endless energy and get involved in everything they see.

Puppies engage into battles with each other between the ages of four and six months, testing limits and demonstrating fear, aggression, and territorial difficulties.

At this time of puppyhood, these are entirely normal habits and nothing to be concerned about.

The cocker spaniel puppy will mature between the ages of twelve and twenty-four months.

They will finish, and they will develop emotionally and mentally in ways that they have not done in previous rounds.

By the time they are twelve months old, the cocker spaniel will have reached their full height potential.

By the time they are twenty-four months old, they will have reached their maximum weight.

Within each dog breed, dogs mature in somewhat different ways.

This evolution is influenced by their ancestors, food, activity, stress, and health all play a role in how much and when the dog develops.

By the end of the two years, your cocker spaniel will be fully grown, what an adventure for you and them!

A cocker spaniel’s owner will notice various changes as they grow inside during this period of physical development.

This internal development will include mental, emotional, and behavioral changes.

When fully grown, how much does a cocker spaniel weigh?

At full maturity, a female cocker spaniel can weigh between 26 and 33 pounds. The male can weigh between 29 and 35 pounds.

When completely grown, how tall does a cocker spaniel stand?

At full growth, a female cocker spaniel can reach 14-16 inches in height, while a male can reach 15-17 inches.

Are show Cockers bigger than Working Cocker Spaniel?

Normally, no.

Show Cocker are larger than working dogs and are bred for looks and adherence to ‘breed standards.’

When comparing a fully grown show Cocker to a working Cocker, it can be difficult to tell the two are the same breed.

Cocker spaniel, for example, are more compact, smaller, and generally more strong than their rivals.

Is a Cocker Spaniel considered a tiny or medium-sized dog?

Cocker spaniels are medium-sized dogs of many breeds.

They make amazing pets, family companions, and sociable, intelligent dogs who enjoy playing games and spending time with their owners.

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel, which has all of the charm of a spaniel but is a fraction of the size of a Cocker, is an ideal choice if you’re searching for a little spaniel breed.


Cocker spaniels vary in size based on the ‘kind’ of Cocker spaniel and whether they are working or show bred dogs.

They are generally medium-sized dogs, however the size of a Cocker can vary according on his ancestry and family history, as it does with dogs.

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