Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Price – How Much do they Really Cost?

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Cute, fuzzy, adorable, everyone wants a puppy. However, before becoming a pet owner, it is important to be aware not only of the emotional aspect of owning a dog but also of the financial aspect. Dogs cost money to purchase but there are lots of other expenses you will need to be prepared for along the way. Find out more about Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Price and Cost of ownership.

Average Cavalier King Charles Price

The purchase price for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy will range from about $1800 to $3500.

The varying price is dependent on the area in which you live and how close to the breed standard the puppy is.

You will want to purchase your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from a reputable breeder. So make sure to do the research in your area to find a good place from which to obtain your puppy.

You do not want to buy your puppy from a pet store or a breeder who does not know what they are doing or who is not concerned with improvement or health of the breed.

Breeders who health test their Cavaliers are generally preferred. 

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You can also consider rescuing a Cavalier King Charles, although your choice may be limited and there are other issues to take into consideration.

Cost of vaccinations

Sometimes when you buy a puppy the breeder will have taken care of all the first shots and veterinarian visit. You should ask your particular breeder if that is included in the purchase price or if you need to take your new puppy for shots and an initial vet check.

Even if the first shots are included, puppies need booster shots that you will need to pay for in the future.

Puppies need frequent shots at 6 weeks, 11 weeks, 14 weeks, and 16 weeks.

You can expect to put out anywhere from $200-$300 for shots in these first few weeks of life.

Yearly treatments

Remember that there are some treatments that may be required yearly for your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

There is, however, some controversy as to if annual vaccinations are actually beneficial. Some people are suggesting yearly vaccinations are no longer recommended and may be detrimental to the long-term health of your pet.

We would always recommend consulting with a local trusted Vet and seeking their professional medical opinion.

If you plan on taking a vacation with your Cavalier and placing them in a Kennel, you will probably need a vaccination against bordetella (kennel cough).

kennel cough infographic

Source: PetPlan

This vaccine is given twice and will cost roughly $20-$30 total for both doses. Before giving your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel any vaccinations you should find out whether or not the kennel requires it.

Cost of insuring your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Insurance costs can vary greatly depending on the kind of coverage you are looking for. It can start as low as $15 a month for basic accident insurance but can get as high as $100+ a month to cover accidents, illness, preventative care, kennel fees and more. 

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If you decide to shop around for insurance you need to have an idea of what kind of coverage you are looking for as well as how much income you have to invest in the health and welfare of your puppy.

Other costs associated with owning a Dog

As you have hopefully gathered, the costs of owning a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can soon add up.

Apart from the initial purchase price, medical care, and insurance, you also may require some of the following;

Essential supplies

You will need all of the daily supplies to care for your puppy – a collar, a leash, a bed, toys, food, a crate, treats, and any other comforts you would like to provide.

We’ve put together a handy puppy supplies guide to help you out.

Just remember, when looking for these items to find things that fit into your own budget and decide how much of any one thing your puppy needs.

Dog license

One important thing to consider is the licensing fee in your city or town. While not all areas require a license it’s worth checking. There are also some additional benefits from licensing your Dog.

Training Costs

Another expense you may or may not decide to incur will be training costs. Consider whether you would like to purchase books or materials to learn how to train your puppy or whether you might want to get a trainer to help out.

cavalier king charles spaniel how much do they cost

So, How much Does a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cost?

As you can see, there is more to the cost of owning a Cavalier than just the initial purchase price.

Being pure bread Dogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies are rather expensive, factor in supplies, food, vet care, and insurance and the costs soon mount up.

These are all personal choices you will want to make and consider when you are trying to determine the real cost of owning a dog. And while you certainly can decide not to purchase things such as insurance, you must decide if it’s really fair on the Dog if you can’t afford the expensive medical bills, should anything go wrong.

Remember there are more costs associated to Dog Ownership than just the upfront purchase price. As the age old saying goes “A Dog is for Life” and they need to be cared for and looked after just as you would anyone else.

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